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Class 9

Course Content
Why Attend

Let us look at the benefits of taking my online classes below:

  • Flexible and convenient to attend classes as you only need an internet connection and a laptop/tablet/phone.
  • No need for traveling.
  • Networking opportunities with students from other cities/schools.
  • Save documents - In online classes, you get the option to save and replay the sessions. So, you can go back and replay if you have missed any important points.
  • You get the chance to connect with experts from other cities which is not possible in a local institution.

 My Tuition classes provide several benefits to students. Exam Strategies and Techniques, Help with Homework, Class Test, Personalised Attention, Customised study methods, Increased confidence.

Course Timing

Batch Day's Time Batch Start Date
1 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Sunday 7:00pm-8:00pm 15-Sep-21
2 Monday-Saturday 6:00am-7:00am 15-Sep-21

Children explain the process of concept, cite examples, give reasons, give comparisons, ask questions, participate in discussions, collect information, conducts their own project works, draw figures, make models, appreciates manpower and nature, utilize the scientific concept in daily life situations, Browsing websites. Accompanies some special activities like-exploring, think and discuss, let us do, Theatre Day, Organizes special science days.

Course content includes all the Academic Standards: Conceptual Understanding, Asking Questions and Making Hypothesis, Experimental and Field Investigation, Information skills and Projects, Communication through Drawing and Model Making, Appreciation and Aesthetic Sense, Values, Application to daily life, Concern to BioDiversity.

Children with 12-15 years age groups.

Mobile/Computer, Good Internet Connection, Access to a web browser, Google Drive.